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Do you understand the basic properties of magnets?

In the place where we live, magnetism is ubiquitous, so do you know the basic nature of magnets? However, our magnet manufacturers still introduce it to everyone!

 Basic properties of magnets

1. The nature of the magnet: The magnet is magnetic and can attract iron objects.

2. The magnet has magnetic poles, and each magnet has two magnetic poles, an N pole and an S pole, which are present in pairs.

3. When the two magnets are close to each other, the same magnetic poles will repel each other and push away, and the different magnetic poles will attract each other. The same pole repels, the opposite pole attracts.

4. Temporary magnets and permanent magnets: When the ferromagnetic material is magnetized, it is easy to lose its magnetic properties, called a temporary magnet (for example, iron); when the ferromagnetic material is magnetized, it is not easy to lose its magnetic properties. Nature, called a permanent magnet (for example: steel).

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