LED Tri-Proof Light Technology Instructions


Everyone in the use of LED Tri-proof Light, most of the consideration is to buy it a price, and relatively speaking, Xiaobian I care more about the use of a maintenance it! Today, the main talk about the waterproof dust for a maintenance method, how can we let it make it longer life.

LED three anti-dust dust, waterproof seal with the installation of the original place, for the installation of three LED Tri-proof Light to ensure that the fixed firmly, fastening bolts shall not be replaced, spring washers should be complete, can make us better Use a good waterproof dust lamp it. Not only to ensure its life, but also allows us to use to do better protection.

LED Tri-proof Light product design purposes: aisle, basement, parking and other applications.

LED three light fixture length 600mm, 900mm, 1200mm, 1500mm, the whole light efficiency up to 130Im / W. 120 ° light distribution design, to achieve the best lighting effects. Can do emergency line lights and sensor line lights.

Light source selection of high quality, high efficiency 2835 LED light source, light source through the LM-80 certification.

Power: LED Tri-proof Light dedicated voltage isolation power supply, no flicker start, anti-interference low harmonic, the surrounding power equipment without any impact, to ensure product safety. 100-277V 50-60Hz wide voltage and frequency for most of the world's regional use, power factor of not less than 0.95, effectively reduce the reactive power loss, the efficiency of more than 89%, the power supply UL, TUV certification.

Radiator: LED Tri-proof Light fixture shell with aviation aluminum 6063 extrusion, heat dissipation, lighting temperature rise of not more than 25 degrees. Lamp shell surface after sandblasting and then oxidation treatment, corrosion resistance. Surface by sandblasting anode treatment, corrosion resistance, strong oxidation resistance.

LED Tri-proof Light lamps using respirator design (can effectively balance the pressure inside and outside the lamp, waterproof and clear the fog at the same time).

Impact of the German Bayer PC lampshade, the inner surface with prismatic stripes, light uniform, no glare and anti-glare.

The entire internal LED module, without the need to install the lamp, easy to install.

Installation: lifting and ceiling installation.

IP65 waterproof design.

5 year warranty.