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Suction machine Automatic cutting machine is widely used in industrial development

The supply is mainly divided into system and single machine. How to choose the central feeding system of injection molding machine or single machine transportation, it is necessary to consider various factors and conditions to evaluate what kind of equipment is most suitable for production. The following is an analysis of the automatic suction machine in the industrial development direction has been widely used:

       First of all, we must consider production and use requirements, molding production process, product structure and processing performance. Secondly, the equipment front-end cost, equipment footprint, energy consumption, stability during use, maintenance of total operating costs, fault repair time, etc. In the entire plastic production process, there are many equipments involved, in addition to the usual dehumidification, drying, and feeding, there are other process requirements. Every production enterprise hopes that the equipments selected will have low cost, high efficiency and stable use. So how do you choose the best equipment? How is the difference between centralized transportation of plastic raw materials and single-machine transportation in the plastic molding process? The following points can be used as a reference:

1. The biggest feature of the system is high efficiency, labor saving, good stability, powerful expansion function, improved production site environment, more user-friendly touch operation, and unified unmanned management.

 2. The centralized console can control one vacuum pump and multiple vacuum pumps to feed the injection molding machine at the same time. It can also monitor the external signal of the system and the working status of the system and possible faults in real time. The visual touch screen man-machine interface is easy to operate and powerful, which greatly improves the system automation and saves energy. Centralized control can set different parameters and can be directly monitored on the touch screen. Single-machine control cannot be controlled in the same place, and the operation time is too long and the efficiency is low. Centralized control enables remote control operation, and a single vacuum pump can feed multiple units.

3. The system is different from the one used in the single machine. The raw materials are stored or stacked in a centralized manner, and the dust is collected centrally. The working conditions along the main machine are significantly improved away from the production and processing site, thus ensuring a clean and tidy production environment and ensuring that raw materials are not contaminated. A single machine requires more places to place the raw materials, and often the raw materials are placed in a chaotic manner, which is prone to error when adding raw materials, and the dust cannot be collected intensively. The centralized feeding system can reduce the worker's feeding, and the raw materials do not need to be manually handled, which can reduce the labor intensity.

4. If the raw materials are concentrated, if they need to be dehumidified and dried, they will be treated in a concentrated manner, which can ensure that the raw materials are not exposed to moisture during the transportation process, and the overall electric heating power is low. The raw material is conveyed in a closed type and can control the amount of raw materials used in the injection molding machine. If the workshop uses air conditioning, the centralized heat treatment of the system will not be dissipated to the workshop, so that the ambient temperature is not affected. Single machine transport All dryness can only be placed next to the main unit and the heat is released directly to the workshop.
The collecting system can realize a variety of different raw material transportation, and the processing raw materials can be reasonably distributed according to the set type, and the raw materials can be quickly switched. In a single machine, the raw materials cannot be switched and transported, and only one-to-one supply cannot be selected.

5. Single machine transportation is more flexible in terms of interchange. When an injection molding machine is not in production, it can be stopped at any time. When the system stops a vacuum pump, the injection molding machine (other molding equipment) corresponding to the vacuum pump will stop feeding accordingly. The single machine can be shut down at any time during cleaning and maintenance, and other machines are not affected by the shutdown. However, the system can be configured with a set of spare vacuum pumps that can be used to start the backup vacuum pump during cleaning, the system will not stop, and the single-machine workload exceeds the system during maintenance. The wearer of a single machine is more than the system, and the running cost will be high.
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