Do All The Gift Boxes Need To Be Opened?


Do all the gift boxes need to be opened? For leather goods manufacturers, it is a good distinction, but for customizers, it is not so good. Explain in advance that the mold opening at this time removes the knife molds and paper molds that must be opened for each customized product.

In fact, not all gift boxes need to be opened. There are also products that do not need to go to the mold factory to open the mold. How to distinguish?

First, looking at the curvature of the product, there are semi-circular shapes or leather products with some curvature, all need to go to the mold factory to open the mold.

Second, looking at the hardness of the product, it gives you a feeling of hardness, which is clear. This may be a molded product. Why do you say this, because there is another category, which is common on flat surfaces. By adding hard materials like cardboard, the product feels hard, but the product does not need to be opened.

Third, you can directly contact the leather goods manufacturer. If the product needs to be opened, the manufacturer will tell you. Because the mold-opening type can be large, the large ones are more than 3w, and the few are not less than 200.

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